Real Vertical Farming - Omega Garden's™ News Channel

Fact: We’re quickly reaching a crisis point globally as the amount of grain, fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products that we can produce reaches a plateau, while the hungry population of our planet just keeps on growing.

Why? We don’t have enough water for irrigation, top soil is becoming nutritionally exhausted in many areas, energy costs are on the increase and, to cap it all off, climate change is affecting the very suitability of regions where products have been grown for decades - some fertile lands are changing to deserts; others are too water-logged to be viable.

At Real Vertical Farming we highlight the problems - because consumer knowledge drives consumption - but more importantly, we want to showcase solutions. Alternative energy, hydroponic vertical farming and other adaptable systems are playing an increasing role in feeding the global population. This is only Act 1 in a new play that is all about fundamental change!