Canada’s Ice Roads Are Melting — And That Is Terrible News for Aboriginal Communities

January 10, 2016

“Aboriginal chiefs in Canada are blaming climate change for water and food shortages on their reserves this winter.

Isolated reserves in northern Ontario rely on ice roads to transport supplies in the winter, but warmer weather means those roads haven’t frozen yet, so food and water are […]

The Hidden Victims of California’s Drought

January 9, 2016

“California is struggling through the fourth year of a historic drought. It has included the driest calendar year in the state’s history (2013), and the year with the lowest snowpack in the state’s history (2015).

Because California is America’s largest agricultural producer, the world’s […]

12 Paths to Strengthen Food Security

February 5, 2013

Article by Anna Leach –

“In the face of climate change, conflicts and disease, our panel suggest how to ensure access to nutritious food for all.”

Dominic Schofield, Canada director, Gain, New York, USA, @dschofieldGAIN

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