Global Food Shortages a Growing U.S. Security Concern

Global Food Shortages a Growing U.S. Security Concern

June 5, 2018


Experts at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs kept hearing from United States officials that global access to food was a growing national security concern. Those worries spurred a report from the council outlining a range of policy proposals America could adopt to ease food insecurity, including a commitment to a long-term global nutrition strategy.

Though food insecurity is driving current conflicts and migration, the authors of the new report, “Youth for Growth – Transforming Economies through Agriculture,” were looking for U.S.-led policies that can “transform entire regions, making them more prosperous, stable and secure.”

Malnutrition Deeply spoke with Alesha Black, the council’s director of the global food and agriculture program, about those recommendations and why it is critical that young people be integrated into any emerging programs…”

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