Extreme Weather is the Biggest Global Threat Facing Humanity

Extreme Weather is the Biggest Global Threat Facing Humanity

January 31, 2018

From www.independent.co.uk

“Extreme weather and natural disasters have been ranked as the greatest threats to the planet in a new report, by the World Economic Forum. The international body produces its global risks report every year ahead of its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. In the past, these reports have been dominated by economic risks such market collapses, but environmental threats are now considered the biggest challenges facing humanity. This marks the second year running that extreme weather has topped the list.

‘Extreme weather events were ranked again as a top global risk by likelihood and impact,’ said Alison Martin, group chief risk officer at Zurich Insurance Group. ‘Environmental risks, together with a growing vulnerability to other risks, are now seriously threatening the foundation of most of our commons.’

The report was produced based on feedback from businesses, governments and civil society organisations. Along with extreme weather and natural disasters, other environmental threats near the top of the ranking include a failure to manage climate change and biodiversity loss…”

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