Step 7: Using Root Medium Holders


Root medium cubes are slid into the green cube holders (80 pieces) by squeezing the sides of the holder and angling the top of the medium cube into the holder. Insert at the top of the holder first and then slide the bottom in place.


If there is a groove in the bottom of the medium cube, orientate front to back along the openings of the cube holder.


Engage cube holder into cylinder by placing into the notched openings in the clyinder slots and sliding to the desired location. Cubes may be fixed to a location using the supplied plastic clothes pins.


Wicks may be used to prevent dripping on the inside of the cylinder and glass lamp housing. Cut supplied wicking material into 3-4 inch pieces and insert into the bottom of the medium cubes in the trailing edge. The wicks should be the last thing to leave the watering tray and should protrude 0.5-1 inch in order to effectively remove any excess water from the root medium.


The proper length of the wicks.

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