Youth Projects Tackle Food Issues in Northern Communities

Youth Projects Tackle Food Issues in Northern Communities

April 9, 2017


‘Remote and marginalized communities not only have to deal with water security, they also have to deal with access to healthy, fresh, affordable food. In some hard to reach areas a variety of fresh produce is not only hard to find but is astronomically more expensive than what you would find for the same items in Southern Canada. There are many socio-economic issues that contribute to to food insecurity, luckily there are some great young minds at work on the issue in Atlantic Canada.

Enactus Canada, a “community of student, academic and business leaders” that use conscious capitalism to make a difference in the world. Teams from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia Community College – Pictou Campus have achieved award winning status. Both projects make an impact on issues of food security.

Emily Bland, Team President of Enactus-Memorial’s Project SucSeed said that the project is “a self sustaining social enterprise that employs at risk youth to build hydroponic systems which are then used to offset food security mainly in Northern Canada and across Canada in general.” ‘

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